Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

Bellroy wallets are designed to be slim and classy. I think they did this by the way they designed the pockets and common sense on how cards should fit into your wallet (e.g. do you really need a slot for each card, some of which you never ever used except in a long while). Also when you buy the wallet, there is actually a guide on the size and how many cards it should carry so in reality, you will also buy the “right” wallet for the number of cards you have..

I got the Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet. Singapore 50 Dollar Notes fit nicely too in case you are wondering.
Free shipping to SG :)

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Fitbit Charge Singapore

The fitness tracker craze continues… This time, it is for the Fitbit Charge. This one comes with a watch and also will be able to let you know when you have an incoming call with Caller ID. How cool is that…

The listed price in Singapore is $169 but you can get it at around $135 with a membership discount at Challenger Singapore.

Comes in two sizes but the small should be good for ladies

Hello Fitbit Charge Baby:

The usual accessories. Unlike the Fitbit Zip which uses a disposable battery, the Fitbit Charge uses a rechargeable battery, hence the need for a charging cable. Too short a cable though… in my opinion.

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Xiaomi Mi Band

Enjoyed using my Fitbit Zip a lot. Really made myself do a lot more walking. For example, as the day comes to a close and I realised that I am only reaching about 9K steps, I will deliberately walk a few rounds in the carpark just to clock 10,000 :)

The Fitbit Zip was good but quite expensive. The cheapest fitness tracker (with even sleep tracking) is Xiaomi Mi Band. It was quite difficult to get one initially but now it is much easier. Only got black one though when I ordered.

So here’s the photos.

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Nokia 530 Lumia Dual Sim Windows Phone

Got a Nokia 530 Lumia Dual Sim Windows Phone from an offer.

However, totally unimpressed with it.

Dual Sim is the good thing. Probably the only good thing.

I regret getting the grey back. The green back (and probably the orange back) looks much better… one thing is to be extremely care when opening the back. It is NOT easy and don’t ever use a tool. Use your fingers. Try and try and try and try. Sigh. See.. they even have to paste a warning sticker to teach you how to open the back of the phone.

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